Medical Device Development

In the health division of Prodigys Technology International we provide assistance and advice to startups and sme in the creation of new biomedical products. Our vision was born from the need of small companies or startups to have an interdisciplinary and specialized group in order to turn brilliant ideas into reality. It is very difficult to have sufficient budget to integrate groups of experts for product development into startups, but with us you will have a partner who can support you throughout the journey without resorting to huge investments. Present in the sector for several years, we will be able to help you in the various design and development steps of new devices or innovation of existing products.

We are specialized in consultancy for the development of medical software, deep learning algorithms for medical AI, devices based on nanotechnological components, microfluidics and LAB on-chip, mechanical / functional design of devices.


Our support

  • Definition of the design and development plan. We help our customers to identify the key points and steps to follow in order to reach the expected result.
  • Consultancy on technical and functional design of the device.
  • Rapid prototyping for initial testing.
  • Product engineering support.
  • User Experience.
  • Market positioning strategies.

Our success projects

Medical Software

Development of hardware and medical software for reading and manipulating electronic signals.

(best case: Reader for hematocrit for evolution of a device.)


AgrEGG genIA

Development of an AI based digital platform for the collection and integration of medical-scientific data from different databases for the visualization of the same in order to offer a complete view of the regulatory networks that underlie the pathophysiological processes in different clinical areas. We have also equipped the platform with a tool for the use of machine learning techniques for the identification of significant patterns in order to identify specific pathological evolution curves to support specialists in the prevention of various pathologies.

(Customer: Fondazione Italiana Fegato).


Scientific / managerial consultancy for the development of an innovative automated instrument for liquid biopsy and analysis of biological liquids. Development of deep learning algorithms for the analysis of bioimaging with artificial intelligence. Development of the data visualization platform and software for placing the results on the network.


Bilimetrix’s case

Using AgrEGG we have developed the digital twin of the BiliStick ® system Bilistick ® System is an innovative diagnostic device, conceived as a Point of Care system for measuring Total Bilirubin concentration in whole blood samples from newborns. Read more at https://www.bilimetrix.net/

Thanks to the digital twin we are able to:

  • Prevent breakdowns, plan maintenance operations and reduce maintenance costs
  • Check the condition of the device remotely
  • Improve the calibration curve in real time
  • Reduce running costs by 20%
  • Reduce rollout costs by 15%
  • Review the production process to improve it
  • Solve problems remotely


Development of an App compatible with IOS and Android for the visualization of data and diagnostic results (coming from connected devices) directly at the doctor's fingertips. Integration in the App with main guidelines for treatment suggestions.


Strip for hematic and sierological test

Development and innovation of strips for diagnostic device based on lateral flow and advice on microfluidics features.

(best case: development of a strip for bilirubin detection)

AgrEGG genIA

Development of a new module AgrEGG genIA for the collection, analysis, integration and manipulation of data from genetic sequencing in order to predict the onset of diseases and identify correlations between different patients as well as the recognition of risk factors.

(partners of the project: Illumina, FIF, Ames, Insiel, Università di Udine)


Innovation and development of features for diagnostic device in the field of neonatal pathologies. Audit and review of the electronic components of the device. Development and integration of the HL7 standard for the connection of devices to health information systems.

Our Partners